Frequently Asked Questions

I know finding the right wedding photographer for your day is a lot of work. These are some of the most frequently asked questions that I get, hopefully it helps you in your decision-making. If you have any other questions, or want to schedule a free consultation please complete the form at the bottom. 

aRE you the photographer that will actually photograph my wedding?

Yes! You get me and only me unless you really need a second photographer. I would estimate that approximately 50% of the weddings I photograph include a second photographer. This is a discussion we can have during our initial consultation.

how much do you charge?

Every single wedding I photograph is different and not every wedding fits into a standard package. I'm extremely flexible with my clients and I like to customize my time to your special day. That said, packages start at $2,250 and that includes a healthy amount of time and a few other surprises you will like...Lets talk about it!

Do you photograph engagement sessions?

YES! Remember how I referenced a standard package in the last question? One of those includes an engagement session. I strongly believe that an engagement session will make your wedding day photos better. Wedding days are usually fast-paced and can feel overwhelming; it generally goes smoother when we've worked together before. An engagement session allows us to get to know each other and be comfortable with each other. The more comfortable you are, the better the photos.

How soon will we get our photos?

I always deliver my photos within 60 days of your wedding, sometimes sooner. The high-volume months of September and October tend to require the full 6o-day turnaround.

Do you edit all the photos you deliver?

Every single photo that is delivered to you will be edited and color corrected.

will you send me the raw files?

I do not deliver raw files to clients. Raw files are not a finished or printable product, all images need to be edited and converted to a usable file format. 

Do we give you a shot list?

Prior to your wedding we'll have multiple conversations about what is most important to you. If there are important photos you absolutely have to have then, yes, we can make a shot list. However, I recommend keeping this limited or you'll spend half of your wedding organizing photos and not having fun. We'll work together to review the most important shots of family and friends and make them a priority. 

Where can we get prints done? Do we have to buy them from you?

You do not need to purchase prints from me. Every package I offer includes High-Resolution Digital files. From these you can print as many as you want and I'll make suggestions on where to get the best results.

Can i buy prints and albums from you?

Absolutely! I have a full list of different prints and albums from which to choose.

What do you wear?

By nature I'm a shorts and t-shirt kinda  guy, but at your wedding I promise to be in black dress pants and a black dress shirt.

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